Gryphon Digital Mining purchased 7,200 mining machines worth $48 million

Gryphon Digital Mining (GDM) may not tell you anything, but this company is different in cryptocurrency mining. Wondering why? The reason is that this company uses 100% only renewable energy for BTC mining, which can also be called a “leader in green BTC mining”. So you can imagine that GDM has, thanks to this different way of mining, all over There are a lot of fans around the world, including Sphere 3D (ANY), which has announced an investment of $48 million in mining machines for GDM.

Under the agreement, Bitmain will supply up to 7,200 mining machines to the mining company, with a combined hash of 720 PH. Of course, Irene Gao, Antminer’s Commercial Director for NCSA, also commented on the occasion, stating that:

,,We are happy to provide Gryphon with Bitmain’s latest next-gen miners, the Antminer S19j Pro. Gryphon’s zero carbon footprint demonstrates their long-term initiative with being involved in the digital currency mining sector. We are confident that Gryphon will continue to expand their business and provide reliable and low-cost mining. We look forward to our continued cooperation with them in the future as they expand their operations”