Hacker attacks in the first half of this year are breaking records

As you know, the market has been in the biggest downtrend in the history of Bitcoin for several months now, with the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world already losing significant value from its ATH. In addition, however, it is not only the crypto world that is tearing up a very disturbing statistic once again, and that is hacker attacks, which we have seen a record increase this year. The official report claims that this year 1.97 billion dollars were stolen from 175 crypto projects, which means a huge increase in activity in the field of cyber attacks and is thus another of the many exclamation points for a large number of people who stay out of the crypto world right now for fear of attacks of this type.

Most attacks took place on the Ethereum network, which is understandable since most crypto projects operate on this network. Specifically, there were 32 of these attacks on this network. In addition, these statistics show that the number of cyber-attacks has almost doubled since last year, as it has increased by 94%, which is very worrying. Even so, this means that due to the increasing number of attacks, the interest in digital assets is also growing. Of course, this is still very worrying and it only shows the general public that even the crypto world is still very vulnerable.