Hundreds of banks are said to be involved in the direct sale of cryptocurrencies soon

As we have informed you many times, even though the price of BTC has been moving in a certain corridor for some time now, and therefore the movements in the market are boring, there are really big things going on in the background. Whether it’s the launch of state digital currencies (Russia has recently launched the development of the digital currency), the legalization of Bitcoin as the legal tender of El Salvador, or the recent entry of George Soros into the world of cryptocurrencies, something is constantly happening. Recently, however, the world has learned that several hundred banks in the United States will soon be involved in the direct sale of cryptocurrencies. This is specifically about 650 banks, which together have over 24 million customers, which was also confirmed by Forbes. All this is possible thanks to an agreement between the corporate companies NYDIG (New York Digital Investment Group LLC) and NCR (National Cash Register).

This is a really bold and unique plan, which would initially work on a simple model, allowing customers to buy cryptocurrencies through a mobile application. After some time, it would move to the so-called second phase, in which the management of digital assets would be taken over by NCR.