In 2021, the NFT became an industry of $40 billion

Each of us knows about the staggering growth of the entire NFT industry in the past year, but we don’t have exact numbers until the beginning of this year. Bloomberg has decided to share these numbers with the world, which are based on data from blockchain analyst firm Chainalysis Inc. The NFT as such has existed for several years, but unprecedented growth has been seen in the past, which is also quite interesting.

Thanks to these data, we learned that the NFT industry became a 40 billion industry in 2021, clearly thanks to the huge support from celebrities, which strengthens this number. These celebrities include names such as Shawn Mendes, Paris Hilton, Melania Trump, and Michael Jordan. However, the support does not end there, as the gaming giant GameStop only announced yesterday that it plans to integrate the NFT and create a platform for the sale and purchase of gaming collectibles. As a result, the company’s shares skyrocketed overnight and are currently up 31% higher.