In the first half of this year, the number of crypto users increased by 108%

The last big growth half a year ago, which brought Bitcoin above $ 60,000, attracted the attention of a huge number of people. However, we have only received accurate information that was monitored by all popular exchanges except Coinbase in the latest report from the portal. Thanks to this information, we found out that the crypto market has grown enormously, with the number of crypto users increasing by an incredible 108% to 221 million users.

As we can see in the chart above, from January to June, more than 100 million new users started trading or using cryptocurrencies in some way. The most significant month was clearly the month of May, as as we can see from the graph during this month, the number of users increased by as much as 43.1%, while the growth continued in the month of June. These are really interesting statistics and we can’t wait to see where the price will fly in the next bigger growth in the crypto sphere. How do you see it?