India is likely to become a major player in the crypto market

The cryptocurrency market has seen unprecedented growth this year, despite various bans in either China or India, and no one can predict what will happen next year. However, based on available data, India, the world’s second-most populous country, may become a very large and important player in the global cryptocurrency market. In June 2021, the Coinstore crypto exchange was launched in this country, and based on the available data already mentioned, the daily volumes of this exchange are rising sharply, as previously the average daily volume on this exchange was $ 10 million and today it is already $ 40 million.

However, this stock market has seen high growth in Asian countries as well as in Africa, with these countries accounting for about 70 percent of its user base. India represents a fifth of its total users. This platform focuses on countries that have poorer access to traditional financial opportunities. Investors are always looking for high returns despite the high-risk factor in digital tokens, said Charles Tan, chief marketing officer at Coinstore, a Singapore-based crypto exchange. Potentially, we can have a crypto exchange here that will experience rocket growth similar to that of the Binance crypto exchange.