Instagram launches NFT in over 100 countries

More and more, we are aware of news not only from the crypto sector but also from NFTs. The latest such news comes from Meta, which caused a stir last year when it unveiled its big plans to create its own metaverse, but the public’s response hasn’t precisely been optimistic. Meta-owned Instagram has announced that the NFT feature will soon be available in 100 more countries. Regions include the Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.

As we mentioned a few lines above, the public response was not exactly positive, as 77% of people polled said they did not want Meta to build Metaverse, but would like to see a decentralized platform embark on the venture. In July of this year, NFT was further tested on Instagram for a limited number of creators in the US who could display their own NFT collections. Meta also recently filed five new trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office, including a crypto payment application.