Institutions’ interest in Bitcoin Futures is growing rapidly

Bitcoin has come a long way in the last month and a half, from $ 30,000 to $ 50,000. It is, therefore, appropriate to be curious about how the situation will develop, as autumn comes and also the next wave of coronavirus pandemics, which we believe will not be so strong, but can still cause significant growth of cryptocurrencies in the market just as it has in the last year and a half. Similarly, this is clearly seen by the institutions, which, according to available data from the Chicago Stock Exchange, re-enter the Bitcoin Futures markets and thus resume their business after the summer.

This is evidenced, among other things, by CME Bitcoin Futures, which restarted after the May crash and is heading for $ 2 billion. This analysis was prepared by analysts from the Norwegian company Arcane Research, according to which one of the main reasons could be Grayscale, which offers a discount on its investment product Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). The last large companies to invest in GBTC include companies such as Morgan Stanley, which owns more than 6.5 million shares, as well as the Bill Millers fund with 1.5 million GBTC shares.