Iran could implement its CBDC soon

We have already devoted a relatively large number of articles on the CBDC (central bank digital currency), given that it is being prepared by a really large number of countries around the world (almost 100). Recently, however, news has spread around the world that it is Iran that could soon implement its national cryptocurrency into real life. According to available sources, as well as from the report of the Iranian employment news agency, we know that CBI Vice Governor Mehran Moharamian is also convinced that the national cryptocurrency can help the country significantly due to its “decentralized nature”.

Of course, when it comes to blockchain, Iran is no newcomer to this sector. You may still remember when the country sought help in cryptocurrencies after US sanctions were imposed on Iran, and also is considered one of the “pioneering countries” for legalizing Bitcoin. Overall, the CBDC is a very interesting topic, while the leader in this field is clearly China, which is already testing its cryptocurrency in several provinces.