Is Spotify testing NFT?

As you probably remember, we have witnessed a huge NFT boom over the past year, and literally, everyone has known about this phenomenon. Many people associate NFT with virtual images, virtual clothing, videos, or virtual land, but forget that NFT can be music, for example. While we’re at that music, you may have noticed that the global company Spotify seems to be researching the NFT industry, which could enrich the world of music again. The company described the tests as “an effort to improve artist and fan experiences”

The NFT integration test began last week in the US and was made available to Android users, who could use the app to view NFT collections of specific artists and later be redirected to the OpenSea Gallery if they were interested in purchasing art. Many musicians have expressed support or enthusiasm, and Spotify greatly appreciates this move. The company’s official report on this news is yet to come, so we will have to wait for new information as well as confirmation of conjectures. In any case, it is possible that Spotify has the potential to create a whole new art-sharing environment.