John McAfee committed suicide

The name John McAfee is very well known to most of us, as he is one of the most famous celebrities in the crypto world. Yesterday, however, the sad news came that John had committed suicide in his cell by hanging, where he was on charges of tax evasion, as well as because of the practices of the illegal pump-and-dump scheme. The fact that it was a suicide was confirmed by several sources, including police sources, McAfee’s lawyer Javier Villalba, as well as the Ministry of Justice.

Computer programmer, businessman, and two-time presidential candidate John David McAfee was born on September 18, 1945, in Cinderford, England. Most people know him clearly because he created the well-known McAfee antivirus program. However, it is worth saying that although John McAfee had controversial statements, such as a statement from 2017 where he said he will eat his penis on national television if Bitcoin will not be worth $500,000 by 2020.

However, it is worth acknowledging that even such controversial statements have clearly increased awareness of cryptocurrencies as well as awareness of blockchain technology, for which John deserves thanks. Rest in peace, John.