Know your ICO # 3 – CrowdWiz

Recently, many new ICO projects have been launched, and we have decided to do these projects. ICO projects are risky, but if enough research is done, it can be a wonderful appreciation. We bring you an article about a very promising ICO project called CrowdWiz.

What is CrowdWiz?

CrowdWiz is the first decentralized investment system of the new generation based on the Ethereum platform. Blockchain technology is used to “clean up” investment areas by eliminating existing market agents such as investment brokers, fund managers, and large financial institutions. In this way, they place the power and control over the investments. No intermediaries, no additional fees! The project has earned several investors, collecting the minimum amount they needed to run the project ($ 5 million). The ICO project closes after the sale of all tokens or after a given time.

How it works?

WIZ Token is the heart of the CrowdWiz ecosystem. It provides access and voting rights to all CrowdWiz investment products. The WIZs also allows you to create and associate new public and private WizFonds, perform and participate in IFOs and trade with Tokens on their own secondary market. Every newly created WizFond product or investment product that develops will increase the value of WIZ Token. The number of issued tokens WIZ is fixed and is generated exclusively during token sales. All unsold tokens will be burned.

CrowdWiz Tím



This ICO project definitely has something to do and we can rank it among the better. The idea is interesting and definitely not a waste. Many people on the Internet or on Youtube and forums share our opinion too. Of course, we always recommend doing your own research before investing.