Last year brought a record number of new crypto buyers

As we know, last year has been a record for cryptocurrencies in perhaps everything, whether the achievement of the new ATH in terms of market capitalization, many cryptocurrencies, DeFi or NFT, which have been accompanied by many major fundamental reports, whether concerning the country of El Salvador, the institutions or large companies. Of course, we also saw record numbers regarding the number of new crypto buyers. Such a survey was conducted by Gemini, which confirmed the worldwide growing interest in digital assets.

The most interesting finding of this survey is that as many as 41% of cryptocurrency owners surveyed bought cryptocurrencies for the first time in their lives last year, and in some countries, the number of buyers even exceeded 50% for the first time. Interest in buying cryptocurrencies is also growing among people who do not currently own cryptocurrencies. It is thus clear that there is a growing interest in cryptocurrencies, but it is necessary to mention the continuing concerns that prevent people from investing. The biggest of these continue to be volatility in the cryptocurrency market and concerns about adequate security. The news from a few days ago, when ESET discovered a virus that steals cryptocurrencies from users’ wallets or the biggest theft in the history of cryptocurrencies involving the company, is clearly not beneficial either.