Leading crypto-exchanges form a coalition to promote market integrity

The world is currently surrounded by news that several resounding players in the cryptocurrency industry have teamed up to form a so-called coalition of crypto exchanges to promote the integrity of the digital asset market. This coalition was named the “Crypto Market Integrity Coalition” or CMIC for short. According to the coalition’s official website, they say they want to give people a “safer cryptoecosystem,” while calling other companies in the crypto industry to join them. CMIC currently includes 17 companies, such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, Huobi Tech, Global Digital Finance and CryptoUK.

Fair and transparent markets are crucial to the continued growth and use of digital assets.

From the list of companies in the mentioned coalition, it can be seen that they do not focus purely on stock exchanges but also on law firms dealing with cryptocurrencies or trade associations of digital assets such as The Chamber of Digital Commerce. Asaf Meir, co-founder and CEO of Solidus Labs, said the public and regulators had made their concerns clear and that the original goal of the pledge was to bring unity and action within CeFi, DeFi and all digital assets. Who do you think will join this coalition?