Mayor of the Jackson believes that the only way to fight inflation is through Bitcoin

The Mayor of Jackson, Tennessee, Scott Conger, is most recently added to public figures who understand the potential of cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology itself. Scott said publicly on his Twitter that he was concerned that the dollar was becoming less and less valuable and that his team was looking for the best way to prevent inflation. So he was looking. As he put it, his team has already found the answer, and according to him, the only answer to the fight against inflation is the best known and most valuable cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

We do not yet know how real this attempt to integrate Bitcoin into the tax system is and it is also questionable how it would work in practice. However, it seems that Scott is serious, and he has already managed to inform that the city has no problem accepting payments for real estate taxes at the BTC. Only in the USA is he one of the many politicians who see this the same way and consider Bitcoin to be a great benefit to society.