Messi has signed a $20 million contract with Socios

The crypto industry is expanding every day, even into the sport itself. You must remember last year’s report that a stadium in Los Angeles that can host up to 20,000 people has been renamed the Arena, with the entire deal costing $700 million. We should also not forget the recent reports that the football club FB Barcelona plans to create its own cryptocurrency and the NFT. As for big sports personalities who are somehow involved in the crypto or NFT sector, we can include NBA stars Michael Jordan or Lebron James or NFL stars Tom Brady, and it was only a matter of time before another big sports starts joined.

Most recently, Lionel Messi himself joined sports stars, signing a $20 million contract with Socios. The former star of the FB Barcelona football team and currently the Paris St Germain team will be part of an advertising and promotional campaign for Socios in preparation for the Qatar World Championships, which will begin in November. Socios has signed contracts, including token creation, for more than 130 sports organizations, including several top football clubs such as PSG, Barcelona, Juventus, and Manchester City.