More than 165 million dollars disappeared from the crypto market in a week

As you know, the crypto market continues to experience uncertain times and movements have been “sideways” for several weeks now. No significant movement came even after the long-awaited Ethereum merger, and as Finbold confirms, instead of growing, the crypto market lost more than $165 million in a single week. These numbers are from last week, specifically between September 12 and 19. At the beginning of last week, the value of the entire crypto market was $1.068 trillion, but the week after, we were at $903 billion. The last time the price dropped this low was two years ago months, on July 14.

At the time of writing, the crypto market is worth $919 billion, Bitcoin is worth $18,991, and Ethereum is worth $1,337. Experts from all over the world continue to be cautious with their predictions, which we regularly inform you about in our group and also, of course, about any indication of the given movement. However, many recommend adding altcoins to a long-term HODL portfolio, as for many we have already reached the bottom and even if Bitcoin still touches 14,000-15,000 USD, it will most likely be quickly pulled upwards.