Multiple transactions have been recorded in recent days by crypto whales

If you follow Whale Alert on Twitter or Telegram, you certainly haven’t missed the fact that in the last few days there have been huge money transfers within crypto exchanges. Perhaps one of the largest transactions in recent days, if not the largest BTC transaction, is the transfer of 4,997 BTC, which at the time of the transfer was nearly $185 million. The transaction was sent from an unknown wallet to the Bitfinex exchange, which frightened a relatively large number of people. Many remember the manipulations of the past as well as the recent rocket crash. That’s why the mood in the market is still not very encouraging, as evidenced by the Crypto Fear & Greed indicator, as we are currently at number 20 and therefore Extreme Fear.


If you watch Whale Alert regularly, you know that such huge transactions are quite common in recent days. For example, this morning alone, at 7:07, the news came that almost 154 million BUSD had been transferred (USD) or two XRP transactions tonight at 2:09, each of which contained exactly 500 million XRPs. This means that the two transactions together were worth more than $1 billion. With such an amount, one can potentially do whatever one wants in the market, but it can still be just ordinary transactions without any intention of harming the market. What do you think?