Napoleon’s things will be auctioned off like the NFT

It is only a few days since we informed you that the term NFT around which the last year was literally madness became the word of 2021, and today we have another news on this topic. To be more specific, Imperial Arts in France is set to hold an auction this Thursday to sell Napoleon’s belongings for the NFT. As you can see, the world is advancing at an incredible pace and what may have been impossible a year ago will be a reality in a few days. The founder of the Arts Gallery, Tarik Bougherira, commented as follows:

“We are extremely proud to launch this ambitious and unique project in the art market, especially on such a special date. Imperial Arts is now setting a milestone for what I believe will be our market in the future. I also hope that through this operation we can bring the passion of art collecting to a new kind of audience.

This art gallery decided to organize this event on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the death of this emperor, who died in 1821. A total of 5 personal items will be sold to the person who offers the most via the OpenSea digital platform, which will connect them to the blockchain. More than one cryptocurrency fan is sure to enjoy such information. Napoleon Buonaparte is an important figure in French history who stood at the beginning of the French Revolution and helped France destroy the monarchy and bring equality among its people. So it is very interesting to see how this character, even two hundred years later, participates in the next step towards the future.