This article informs about other cryptocurrencies on the market and these are NEO & GAS. The founder of the NEO cryptocurrency is Da Hongfei. In the past, NEO was also called Antshares. The public recognizes it as Chinese Ethereum. Ethereum and NEO are now the biggest competitors.

NEO is based on intelligent contracts of Ethereum. However, the NEO uses a unique block chain algorithm that improves this model. The basis is the same, but NEO also supports decentralized trade, identification and digitization of multiple assets. NEO platforms can only register ICO (Initial Coin Offering) projects that have completed KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. Ethereum is not very much in favor of these things, so it is often the case that ICO projects of Ethereum are scams. NEO wants to avoid it and wants only the best projects. ICO projects are the main reason why Ethereum has risen from $ 10 to the current $ 300.

Key elements for NEO are:

  1. Intelligent contracts – a program that allows transactions between users. In other words, intelligent contracts are something like banks (third parties) that guarantee secure and fast transactions.
  2. Digital identity – Electronic information about users or organizations, however, identity must take place before the transaction takes place.
  3. Digital assets – electronic third-party data (stocks, tokens, documents …)

We have already written a little about GAS in this article. NEO is action and GAS is cryptocurrency. By holding the NEO cryptocurrency you guarantee the passive reception of the cryptocurrency GAS. At the same time, holding the cryptocurrency of GAS, you have a significant chance of multiplying your passive income, because GAS has more potential for growth in the future! Why is that so? NEO has 50 million coins, while GAS is less than 10 million (currently around 3 million coins are in circulation). It may happen that in the future GAS will have up to 4 times more cost than the NEO itself. GAS is here because NEO shares can not be split.

It’s possible on the exchange, but it’s not possible on wallets such as NEON or NEO GUI on which you NEO hold to get GAS. Therefore, send only whole numbers. GAS is used in NEO Intelligent Agreements. When the NEO continues to increase, it becomes inaccessible as no coins are available. This will cause the GAS to become more traded and NEO & GAS will go up significantly. In the future, GAS may be much more interested in it, but it needs to wait for the right time.




Basic information

Market capitalization: 1,330,455,000 $

Volume (24h): $ 34,135,500

Tokens in circulation: 65,000,000

Total Tokens: 100,000,000

Price when writing this article: $ 26.61

Stocks: Bittrex, Bitfinex, Binance, Coinnest, HitBTC, KuCoin and many others

Main Page: https://neo.org/

Twitter: @NEO_Blockchain


We consider crypocurrency NEO one of the three safest investments. NEO&GAS are the future. We certainly recommend investing money in this cryptome, one day it will pay you a great deal.


Zdroj: https://neo.org/