One of the largest Swiss banks is forced to add the option of investing in cryptocurrencies

As you know, we have informed you several times that world banks are starting to offer their clients to invest in cryptocurrencies, mainly due to the great potential of this digital industry, as well as the general satisfaction of their clients. However, UBS Group AG, one of the largest Swiss banks, said that if they do not add the option to invest in cryptocurrencies, they fear that they will lose their clients and are in other words forced to add this option. This is a rather interesting statement, but in any case, it seems that UBS Group AG has been working intensively on this for some time and their clients will probably be able to invest in cryptocurrencies soon.

The first agency to draw attention to this information was Bloomberg, which confirmed that the Swiss investment bank is exploring several alternatives for investing in digital assets. It is only recently that we have informed you that the New York-based commercial bank, which had total loans of $39.1 billion in 2020, will cover cash loans through BTC or that Goldman Sachs is not lagging behind in the area of digital assets, which is confirmed by the company’s leaked memorandum, which we informed you about yesterday. It’s beautiful to see that banks around the world are starting to take cryptocurrencies seriously and not as a joke. UBS also commented quite briefly on the whole situation:

“We are monitoring the developments in the field of digital assets closely.”

However, it was an anonymous source who informed that UBS fears that if it does not allow its clients to invest in cryptocurrencies, they may leave their bank. We also learned that UBS is relatively active in learning about blockchain technology, which, as you know, is the basis of all digital assets. According to available information, the Swiss bank also invests about $3.5 billion every year in new technologies and infrastructure upgrades, and we can beautifully see what the banks in the background have to do to keep up with banks around the world.