Paraguay joins El Salvador in a mission to make Bitcoin an official state currency

It has only been a few days since the news that the President of El Salvador wants to make Bitcoin legal tender in this country has flown around the world, and we have more news here. The latest addition to El Salvador is Paraguay, which has the same plans but in this case, we are talking about PayPal as well.

Congressman Carlitos Regala is convinced that their country must also choose the latest payment methods and introduce them into people’s daily lives. In any case, it is certainly a bold plan, but too much liquidity will certainly be a problem for many citizens of these two nations. It is also questionable whether others will join the two countries, as most countries are working to create their own centralized digital currency, which is much more understandable. Carlitos Regala shared a post on Twitter in Spanish, which reads as follows:

“As I said earlier, our country must go hand in hand with the new generation. Our time has come. This week we are starting an important Paraguay innovation project!”

At the end of his post, he did not forget to write the familiar term “to the moon” or the hashtags #btc and #paypal.