Players rebel against the NFT

While everyone in the world seems excited about the NFT, the opposite is true. It is only a few days since the CEO of Ubisoft Entertainment held a meeting with the company’s employees to defend the company’s initiative against the NFT. At about the same time, the creators of Stalker 2 wrote a lengthy post on the NFT on Twitter to defend themselves against major criticism from players, but in a few minutes, the criticism intensified even more.

The NFT thus provoked a great wave of criticism among video game managers for unclear reasons, and fans became furious about it. Why do players hate the NFT so much? There are several reasons. Among the most common are the environmental impacts associated with cryptocurrency mining, frequent frauds, the desire to never see so-called “NFT cartoons” again, but the biggest is that their very presence in video games undermines trust. Games with big worlds and huge budgets require a lot of money and time from the players, and when the game itself suddenly asks for more money from the players, the economy moves to the first place and the fun of the game itself becomes secondary for the studios, which of course players no longer like.