Polygon (MATIC) has arrived on Google’s cloud platform

Polygon (MATIC) has arrived on Google’s cloud platform, confirming several months of speculation. We also learned yesterday that the data files of the Indian company Polygon are already listed on the Google Cloud Marketplace in the category of public services. All this is possible thanks to Google’s service, BigQuery.

BigQuery serves as a so-called information warehouse, which allows the analysis of various data. All this can take place in several blockchains simultaneously, which opens up the possibility of comparing networks or their cooperation. We also had the opportunity to learn that Polygon recently received an investment from billionaire Mark Cuban, but the specific amount was not disclosed.

In any case, we are very pleased that the project, which we recommended even when its price was just $0.01, continues to grow, increasing its long-term potential to achieve large valuations and solve complex problems in the crypto industry.