Proposals to pay taxes in the form of cryptocurrencies in Portugal were rejected

We can see more and more proposals for the payment of taxes in the form of cryptocurrencies all over the world, and such a law has recently been introduced in Portugal. However, it was immediately rejected by the Portuguese Parliament, which rejected two separate tax proposals to regulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as confirmed by the Portuguese economic weekly ECO. Both bills have been proposed by the opposition party, with the majority not yet submitted any bills.

“Many countries already have systems, many countries are building their models in relation to this subject and we will build our own.”

Nevertheless, the regulation of cryptocurrency taxes remains the focus of the government’s attention, and as Finance Minister Fernando Medina has confirmed, there is still great support for cryptocurrency tax regulation initiatives. He said that the government would start working on a completely new regulatory framework. Although the Minister did not specify the time frame within which this regulation should come, it seems to be adamant about its future implementation. However, we ourselves are curious about the recently presented proposal, which would work on the regulation of cryptocurrencies in many states uniformly.