Singapore and Spain are introducing new rules for crypto advertising

In the crypto sector, things are once again moving after not one but two countries have also submitted new rules related to the supervision of crypto advertising. These are, in particular, Spain and Singapore, while in the first-mentioned country the rules do not look extra strict, in the second one, it is the complete opposite. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) came up with a press release revealing that they wanted to “discourage the general public from trading cryptocurrencies” and restricting crypto advertising should help a lot.

In the case of Spain, this is much milder, as according to the local newspaper La Información, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) is ready to start examining crypto ads before they are published. This report comes after the Spanish Government monitored the situation in the sector last year and has finally come to a conclusion these days. After the adoption of this new law, the ads will be checked with the same strict rules as in any other financial ads.

However, it may seem that Singapore is quite hostile to cryptocurrencies, but the opposite is true. The country is still open to the support of blockchain technology as such, thanks to the innovative solutions that this technology brings. Thanks to these two states, a clear signal was sent to the world that the countries no longer ignore cryptocurrencies and that each country adopts a different approach to their regulation.