Steve Wozniak even after years continues to claim that Bitcoin is the “future”

The name Steve Wozniak (Woz) is definitely familiar to each of you, as he stood at the birth of Apple along with the legend named Steve Jobs. However, Woz is also a long-time fan of cryptocurrencies, and those who have been interested in cryptocurrencies for some time now know that he has always done them only good advertising. In a recent interview, however, Apple’s co-founder said he believed in the future of cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin remained his biggest favorite.

This statement was made at a very important technological event on developing technological, innovative, and business projects. When asked if Steve also invested directly in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, he replied that he did not invest in Bitcoin, but he believes in its technology and thus in its future. This is another great fundamental report, and of course the more such reports we have, the better.