Swiss Sygnum Bank AG allows its clients staking (ETH 2.0)

Yesterday, the Swiss Sygnum Bank announced relatively unusual news and that the clients of this bank will be able to participate in the so-called staking within ETH 2.0. With this move, this Zurich-based bank became the first bank in the world to announce something like this within the cryptocurrency Ethereum. This is a very good decision for us and it was really only a matter of time before staking as such, which is very popular among investors, reached the general public thanks to the world’s banks.

From yesterday, clients can safely buy Ethereum through the Sygnum platform, with a current annual yield of 7%, while the bank points out that staking takes place directly on individual client accounts, with the greatest possible security, which they certainly like to hear. In the past, this bank offered its clients staking for Tezos, which only proves how progressive this bank is.