The American bank, founded in 1784, will soon begin to allow investment in Bitcoin

As you know, despite the boring situation on the cryptocurrency market, great news for the crypto sphere has appeared almost on a daily basis. As you probably know, today is no exception, with the news that the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY Mellon), founded in 1784, has decided to allow its clients to invest in the most valuable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. This is another massive news for the industry, as this bank will become one of the most recognized and largest players in the world of digital assets. Of course, the CEO of Asset Servicing and the head of the digital department at BNY Mellon, Roman Regelman, also commented on the situation, saying that:

,,Providing essential fund administration services to the world’s largest digital currency asset manager further validates that BNY Mellon stands squarely at the intersection of trust and innovation, — It’s another critical milestone in our rapidly growing digital asset capabilities and broader strategy of putting client choice at the center of everything we do.”