The Apple’s CEO has confirmed that he holds cryptocurrencies

In the past, we were used to the fact that public figures were not interested in cryptocurrencies, and not at all that they talked about it in public. Today, however, everything is different and if you are looking for a bit, you may find that your favorite celebrity also owns various cryptocurrencies. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has recently joined the list, confirming in his latest discussion at the New York Times’ Dealbook that he has cryptocurrencies in his personal portfolio. He said that although he did not want to offer any investment advice, he thought it was a sensible part of diversifying his assets.

“I’ve been interested in it for a while. I’ve been researching it and so forth… I think it’s interesting.”

In the interview, he added that the NFT considered it “interesting”, but added that it would take some time for it to manifest itself in a way that is mainstream. Asked if he was considering investing in any cryptocurrencies, Apple said he had no plans to do so in the near future, but said he had done “other things” the company was allegedly investigating.