The assets, which are managed by the Huobi Trust Hong Kong, exceeded $ 1 billion

Great news from the world of cryptocurrencies, as you know, has been an everyday thing in the last weeks. Today, once again, it is no exception, as the world has learned that assets under the Huobi Trust Hong Kong have exceeded $ 1 billion, surpassing the company’s huge milestone, which clearly tells us that interest in storing digital assets in Hong Kong is skyrocketing. It has only been a few months since this company was licensed as a trusted company. Specifically, it took place in April.

Huobi, which offers its clients a full range of high-quality virtual asset services, is rising in the eyes of the world while being able to meet even the strictest regulatory conditions, which we are very pleased about. The aforementioned fact that Huobi Trust Hong Kong is able to meet even the most stringent regulatory requirements allows the company to offer its clients truly secure and risk-insulated safekeeping of digital assets. It is clearly a step forward not only in connection with this stock exchange but with the whole crypto world.