The biggest global interest in crypto is in Indonesia

While Bitcoin is attacking the new All-Time High (ATH), the Coinformant crypto index has collected data from around the world to determine which country is most interested in cryptocurrencies. These analyzes are available to the public once a year, and this year we learned that the largest so-called “supporters” of cryptocurrencies is Indonesia, followed by Chile and Argentina.

At least for us, this is quite surprising data, while as you can see, the total exposure increased by 1772%. The other two countries that close the top five are Bulgaria and Finland, with Finland in first place in the category of the year-on-year increase in the number of articles (725.7%). Of course, the largest number of cryptocurrency holders comes from India (7th place) with more than 100 million owners. However, the largest percentage of the population holding cryptocurrencies comes from Ukraine (17th), with up to 12.73% of people owning cryptocurrencies. It is very interesting to watch how each country excels in something else.