The Bitcoin ETF has broken all previous records

As you know, last week we witnessed the launch of the Bitcoin ETF, which caused quite a stir in the crypto world. It has become the most successful fund of its kind in the history of cryptocurrencies, breaking all previous records. For many years, companies tried to launch Bitcoin ETFs until ProShares did it last week.

As we informed you a few days ago, on the first day of trading, this ETF had a trading volume of up to $1 billion, and over the next two days, this fund outperformed $1 billion in assets. The previous record belonged to the golden shares of SPDR, which managed to do so three days after its launch in 2004. ProShares thus brought the first American ETFs associated with BTC. The ETF from Valkyrie was launched last Friday, but it was not nearly as successful as the ETF from BITO. The volume for the first day was “only” $80 million.