The Central Bank of Cuba will allow the use of cryptocurrencies

In the digital age, it is always great news when the governments of given countries decide not to reject digital currencies but, on the contrary, begin the process of adopting them, thus laying down certain rules for their use. The most recent country will be Cuba, whose government has announced that it will allow its citizens to use cryptocurrencies for reasons of socio-economic interest. This year is a turning point in this respect, as there are several like-minded countries, with El Salvador becoming the first country to recognize Bitcoin as the official currency in early June this year, thus changing history. The upcoming gigantic Bitcoin Airdrop, which is scheduled for next month in El Salvador, in which every citizen of this country will receive $30 for a government wallet, can certainly do something with the price.

But let’s go back to Cuba. The government resolution states that the central bank may allow the use of cryptocurrencies “for reasons of socio-economic interest”, with the addition that the state must ensure that all operations are under control. A very important, if not the most important, point is that the state must ensure that crypto transactions are not used for illegal activities under any circumstances. Ap News has announced that general rules for cryptocurrencies as well as licenses for providers will soon be set by the central bank.