The chairman of Rockefeller International expects Bitcoin to grow gradually

Slowly but surely, an increasing number of relevant articles are coming to light, predicting the gradual end of the bearish downtrend, thanks to which we should gradually see the start of the bull market. Rockefeller International chairman Ruchir Sharma recently added one to these predictions, who remains bullish and believes that the current market foreshadows an upcoming bullish trend.

Sharma further argues that the Federal Reserve’s policy is hurting cryptocurrencies as a whole, with the current several-month decline being precisely because of the large bubble that formed over the past year, and thus a correction was more than in order. Sharma believes that stronger cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are being held back by a large number of smaller, less influential cryptocurrencies, and considering the huge number of altcoins that are realistically worthless, this is not surprising. At the time of writing, Bitcoin remains below $20,000.