The Coachella Festival offers lifetime tickets as the NFT

The world-famous American music festival Coachella will release its own NFT on February 4 this year. This information has been published on the official website of this festival, and part of the collection will consist of lifetime VIP tickets for this festival. In addition, the NFT offer consists of collectibles, posters, photographs, or VIP experiences such as entering the podium, luxury accommodation, or dinner with a famous chef from the Rose Garden.

The official Coachella festival account on the Twitter platform shared information, thanks to which we learned that part of the proceeds from the NFT will be shared with several charities. Interestingly, however, Coachella is not the first festival offered by the NFT. Last year, the Lollapalooza Festival took this precedence, but in terms of offering NFT tickets and other special festival benefits, Coachella Festival shone brightly in this.