The crypto market is dominated by transactions in excess of $1 million

We regularly inform you about the current market situation on our Telegram, constantly reminding us of the very important fact that since the crypto market is so volatile, analyzes can be from really anyone, but if big players (whales) decide to manipulate the market, no analysis will help. In such cases, we can only estimate the zones where the price will bounce or stop with high probability. This is still happening now, as according to the latest analysis, it is clear that the institutions are pouring millions into the market again.

The figure below shows that the market trend is relatively clear, with dominant transactions being those that exceed $ 1 million. Since September last year, these huge transactions have increased from 30% to the current 70%. This information was provided to the world by Glassnode. It is also interesting to note that when Bitcoin recently dropped to $29,000, it was at this time that the largest increase in these transactions was recorded.