The European Union has decided to tighten cyber security rules

In our last article, you had the opportunity to learn that the Australian government has decided to take a more significant step and thus join other countries that have created special task forces to fight cybercrime in order to protect the digital assets of the citizens of this country. Today, we will continue to stay on this topic, as the European Union has decided to tighten the rules of cyber security, with the help of the proposed new legislation. If approved, it should apparently ensure that devices connected to the Internet meet cybersecurity standards, making the European Union “less vulnerable to attacks.”

The European Union made this decision based on the statistics it provided. They say that a ransomware attack occurs every 11 seconds and the global annual cost of cybercrime is estimated at around 5.5 trillion euros in 2021. In addition, the European Commission said that it was during the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic that there was an increase in cyber attacks, and the Russian war in Ukraine raised concerns that European energy infrastructure could be the primary target.