The gaming crypto industry awaits a bright future

It is clear to all of us that the gaming industry as such is gaining in popularity every year and it is almost certain that this trend will continue. The same, of course, applies to games, or rather the gaming crypto industry, which has seen literally crazy growth this year alone. According to the well-known CoinMarketCap portal, 162 game tokens boast a total market capitalization of almost USD 13 billion, and it should be clearly noted that at the end of July this capitalization reached “only” USD 7.9 billion and in mid-June, it was USD 3.6 billion. We can really talk about crazy growth and we think it is more than clear that this trend will clearly continue, as game tokens are often referred to as “the greatest security in the crypto industry” in the long run.

The aforementioned leap in market capitalization only shows how the combination of the crypto industry and games has become a very popular affair and has found a really huge number of fans and we are not surprised. Combining fun and the potential to make really decent money has never been easier. In the future, most analysts agree that the use of irreplaceable tokens (NFT) and gameplay models will continue to be dominant. On the other hand, they warn that crypto games will face a series of obstacles in terms of regulation and availability before reaching their true potential, and given that the ability to earn, trade, and profit from in-game items appears to be a natural and logical development in games. that this industry is one that will remain here.