The island state of Tonga wants to follow the same approach as El Salvador

As you know, the world has seen an unprecedented move by El Salvador last year when the country decided to accept Bitcoin as legal tender. However, we already have the year 2022, and it looks like a small island nation in the South Pacific of Tonga will soon be included in this list of countries that accept Bitcoin as legal tender. The nation’s former lawmaker, Lord Fusitu, confirmed on his Twitter account that a bill is in the works that could potentially incorporate Bitcoin into the daily lives of the people of Tonga.

The overall process of adopting this law should include five points, and this law should be “modeled and almost identical to the Salvadoran bill.” Given that the people of this small island nation rely heavily on money transfers, it is expected that the adoption of such a law should be of great benefit to this population. However, before adopting Bitcoin as the official legal tender in this country, several aspects still need to be considered, such as an internet connection throughout the island and the overall integration of the cryptocurrency. However, this is undoubtedly great news for the people of Tonga and the entire crypto community, as it contributes to the further adoption of Bitcoin.