The latest survey in the UK confirms that cryptocurrencies are no longer considered as a gamble

As we all know, cryptocurrencies as a whole have been considered gambling rather than investment from the outset. The main reason is clearly the huge volatility, or rather a manipulation, thanks to which we have witnessed huge evaluations countless times in a few days or even hours. It was this factor that discouraged ordinary people for many years, but also large institutions to be interested in cryptocurrencies at all. However, it seems that cryptocurrencies for the general public are no longer just a gamble, but a full-fledged investment.

The Financial Regulatory Authority in the United Kingdom (FCA UK) carried out a relatively extensive survey, on the basis of which we learned very interesting information about the overall opinion within cryptocurrencies. The name of this survey is “Cryptoasset consumer research 2021” and has definitely pleased many crypto enthusiasts. At the very beginning of this survey, the FCA UK reports an increased demand for cryptocurrency from the public as well as from independent media or governments around the world, many of whom are preparing their own state cryptocurrency, which will be very important as sooner or later we will use credit cards only. The most interesting information from this survey is:

1) Awareness of cryptocurrencies has increased significantly, which is confirmed by up to 78% of respondents

2) Consumers no longer take cryptocurrencies as a gamble but as an alternative to ordinary investment, which also needs a decrease from 47% to 38% of respondents

3) The number of people in the country who own a cryptocurrency has increased to 2.3 million, which represents an increase from 3.9% to 4.4% of the population

4) Roughly half of the respondents plan to continue to purchase additional cryptocurrencies in the future