The law by which New York would control the crypto mining did not pass

It’s only been a few hours since we informed you that Texas has decided to allow all state-owned banks in the country to perform crypto-related services, and we have more news here. However, this time, there are reports from another American state, specifically from New York, which has long been known for its not entirely friendly attitude towards cryptocurrencies. However, this is not an extreme, but rather an effort to fully regulate the sector. However, this time, New York failed to enforce a law that would control New York’s complete cryptocurrency mining in the state.

The fact that this law was not approved in New York was first reported by the American radio station WSHU. As we have informed you, New York wants to have a complete overview of everything that is happening in the country. Even now, the intention was no different, because, with this law, they wanted to increase control over climate influences and thus over the environment. It will clearly be interesting to follow all the reports on this topic as well, as the topic of the environment is discussed almost constantly and if mining is directly affected and not controlled, it is in direct conflict with New York’s goals of reducing carbon emissions.