The market is being pushed up by big fundamental news

Yesterday, we informed you that several indicators in the chart show us that we are most likely to see a decline of about 10%, from where the price could bounce back up. However, this may not be the case, as the market is pushed up by big fundamental news. Specifically, PayPal’s CEO has revealed that their crypto wallet is complete and almost ready to go.

About the very crypto wallet that PayPal has been promising and developing for quite some time. Finally, however, we have already learned from Dan Schulman that the wallet is in the final phase, as the code is complete. Within the time horizon, we are talking about launching within a few months, when it comes to the US. There is no information yet about the rest of the world.

So, since this is big news that can push the price of Bitcoin up, the other altcoins also stay in the green numbers exactly as always.