The mayor of New York has opposed the mining law

It’s not been two weeks since a new Proof of Work ban was passed in New York, and we have the first statement from New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who openly says he disagrees with such a law. This method of mining does not use 100% green energy, but nevertheless, this bill has caused great controversy, as it indirectly imposes a moratorium on almost all mining in the state. For this reason, Eric Adam has promised to ask Governor Kathy Hochul to veto the law, which has yet to sign the law before it can take effect.

Adams has been a supporter of cryptocurrencies for many years, and in the past, he has publicly announced that he will start receiving his salary at BTC. As you can see, the mayor of New York has a very progressive mindset regarding cryptocurrencies and believes that just such a law would return the entire state to cryptocurrencies to the “Stone Age.” Thanks to his initiative, therefore, the veto of this law remains in play, with Adams proposing a new regulatory framework aimed at reducing emissions to please both parties.