The NFL will allow players to sponsor deals with crypto companies

The crypto sector is evolving every day and today is no exception, as the US National Football League (NFL) will allow players to enter into partnership sponsorship agreements with crypto companies, as announced in this week’s release and confirmed by CNBC. Although this is a really huge step forward in digital assets, there will still be some limitations. Players or clubs will be allowed to seek partnerships and receive financial assistance through cryptocurrencies, but these companies will not be able to be promoted by them, for example in the form of a logo.

„Clubs will continue to be prohibited from directly promoting cryptocurrencies.“

The NFL itself is said to be exploring opportunities to work with companies that provide NFT support, given that players or clubs will be able to enter into these contracts for a maximum of three years. It is said that this fact may also be the reason for the strict rules they have introduced to players and clubs. Even though there will still be some restrictions, this is great news for the whole crypto sector, and this new agreement can open up several new opportunities for clubs and players alike.