The NFT becomes the word of 2021

You’ve all come across NFT at least once in the last year. This abbreviation, still incomprehensible to many, indicates in English the so-called non-fungible tokens, which in other words is an electronic signature in the form of a unique digital certificate that allows you to own digital visual work, music, or art, for example. UK-based publisher Collins Dictionary has been awarding the title “Word of the Year” since 1990, with The Guardian finding that the year-on-year increase is a crazy 11,000%.

According to many analyzes, many expected this to become the word of 2021, and we think it deserves it. The last six months have started a real frenzy with this term and have reached virtually every corner of the world. Other candidates for the title of the word 2021 included, for example, words such as “crypto” or “metaverse”. The word “cyber” in 1994 and the word “web” in 1995. “Unsurprisingly”, the word “covid” became the word of the year last year.