The NFT is gradually getting into fashion

It is almost a rule that we inform you every week about the fact that even if the market has been going to the side for some time now and there are no more interesting movements, something is still happening in the background. Thus, despite the fact that the market is currently boring for many, due to uninteresting movements and small valuations, we are gradually witnessing new events that are slowly but surely creating a solid foundation for the next growth of the crypto market. This time, however, there was a relatively unconventional collaboration between BTC Markets Pty Ltd, fashion designer Daniel Avakian, and Australia Fashion Week.

The final created product (dress), which will premiere during Australian Fashion Week, will be available for purchase both as a real physical piece and as an NFT, due to the fact that BTC Markets has confirmed its partnership with AFW. BTC Markets CEO Caroline Bowler sees the event as an opportunity to reach out to women in the cryptocurrencies who are also interested in fashion, and we must recognize that any crypto industry connection is good for mass adoption. Indeed, several studies have confirmed the growing interest of women in the crypto industry, and events such as this only support the general versatility of cryptocurrencies in various industries.