The NFT saves koalas

As you know, the NFT has been experiencing a literal boom over the last year, and this term is heard at every turn (after all, this is why the term has become the word of 2021). Every project is something special, and the same goes for the KRebel project, which donates its proceeds to foundations that are trying to save the koalas. This is therefore next living proof that the NFT and the arts can be used for good cause. This project offers 9,999 unique collectibles that are sold as NFTs.

,,The idea emerged from one of the team members who was a witness to what happened to koalas during the wildfires in Australia.”

As the authors themselves claim, the project is unfortunately based on the sad reality of eucalyptus habitats, which in other words means that koalas may become extinct by 2050. However, it is great to see that the uniqueness of this NFT project creates demand and the art associated with the latest technologies can ultimately save this species. Given the gaining popularity of this project, it is clear that this project will definitely not be the last and if it is really for a good cause, even better!