The number of Bitcoin articles is growing yearly by up to 90%

Many of you will remember the times when for the crypto community, every article on Bitcoin was something like the second Christmas. Everyone was excited that something they had invested in was gradually gaining popularity, and more and more people were learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Of course, today it is something completely different and articles about Bitcoin are as common as any other topic. However, at the end of the year, Finbold brings us fascinating statistics about the articles related to cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

As you can see in the chart above, Findbold has put together data from the last four years, where it’s beautiful to see how low the number of articles was in 2017. Can you imagine how low it was in 2013, 2012, or even 2011. For the whole of last year, the total number of articles related to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin was up to 10.98 million. However, what is interesting (you must have noticed a huge number of articles earlier this year) is that the total number of articles from the beginning to the end of this year is estimated at 19.46 million, which is a really huge increase in one year. Cryptocurrencies are in the media presented as something that is the future of this world and not something that is a pyramid or a bubble as it was a few years ago. Among the biggest news related to cryptocurrencies, which have clearly helped to create hype, we can definitely include reports from El Salvador or all reports concerning Tesla and Elon Musk.