The number of BTC HODLers has reached the new ATH

The current situation in the world has caused many traders to use the current decline to replenish their Bitcoin stocks, as evidenced by the latest analysis by Glassnode, which points to a new record of so-called “BTC HODLers”. The number of these holders was 40,276,136 at the time of the analysis. Of course, this number is constantly changing, but the total number has stabilized at around 35 million addresses over the past year.

Other Glassnode statistics indicate that 817,445 of these addresses own at least one full BTC, which is also a 10-month maximum. It is also interesting that approximately 75% of all Bitcoins are illiquid, which in other words means that they have not moved from their addresses for some time and are hidden in the wallets of their owners. In the current situation, however, it is difficult to say what will happen next given the situation in Ukraine. Experts fear that the panic in the market could cause, in such a case, several towers to want to extract these tokens, which would cause another collapse.